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Obesity in children has the world on alert

Obesity in children has the world on alert

According to the recent WHO document, the prevalence of childhood obesity is very high in most countries of the world, both poor and rich. In fact, there are more obese people from poor countries than from rich countries. In Peru, according to Minsa figures, there was an increase in the prevalence of obesity in children from five to nine years old from 7.3% to 14.8% and in adolescents from 4.9% to 7.5%.

Children are the ones that require the most attention, since their eating habits and weight levels depend on the future being healthy adults and in this way, the numbers of diseases such as diabetes or hypertension decrease.
Who is most at risk of childhood obesity?
Specialist doctors point out that if a child has the following obesity tendencies, he should go to the doctor to request the corresponding help and avoid future complications: Children with obese parents, those born with low or a lot of weight, those who received artificial feeding, children with bad eating habits that consume “junk food”, sedentary children, that is, those who usually spend hours on the computer, cell phone, tablet, video games, etc.

What should we do as parents?
Parents with or without an obese child must have a high healthy eating regimen that must be carried out and all family members must meet. Now, it is important to avoid the consumption of “junk” foods, sweets, processed beverages, fried foods and exchange them for fruit and water rations.

As it is seen, obesity in children is a problem worldwide, which has been increasing in recent years. And it is up to each parent to reduce statistics.

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