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Quick and easy salads!

Quick and easy salads!

Summer is over and next to it the season of our favorite fruits and vegetables.
However, thanks to Vitta Fresh we have devised for you two super fresh alternatives,
Fast and complete to enjoy this cozy winter healthily.

Spinach Salad with Apple and Cranberries


– 140g of baby spinach Vitta Fresh
– 90g of Vitta Fresh baby lettuce
– 5 segments of Vitta Fresh apple
– ½ cup of Vitta Fresh blueberries
– ½ cup walnuts in halves
– 100g fresh cheese
– 1 lemon
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Salt and pepper

Preparation method:
The first thing to do is prepare the vinaigrette sauce, for this we must use a
small bowl and add 3 ½ tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon of
Lemon juice and salt with pepper to taste. After that we will stir the ingredients
until forming an emulsion.
The next thing on the list will be to extract the spinach, lettuce and apple wedges from
their respective presentations already ready by Vitta Fresh and place them in a bowl for
Add our vinaigrette sauce and stir until they are impregnated with all the flavor.
Finally, we will incorporate the rest of the ingredients and enjoy.

Roasted Chicken Mushroom Salad


– 90g green and red baby lettuce
Vitta Fresh
– 50g mushrooms
– 50g chicken pieces / sticks
– 50g cherry tomato
– 1 lemon
– Extra virgin olive oil

– Salt and pepper

Preparation method:
First, in a pan we will add 2 to 3 drops of olive oil and sauté the chicken
along with the mushrooms for about 5 minutes.
Second, we will extract the baby lettuce from their respective presentations already
Ready by Vitta Fresh and we will place them in a bowl next to the cherry tomatoes and
previously washed and split in half. After that stir slightly
Next to chicken and mushrooms.
Finally we add the lemon juice next to the salt and pepper to taste and it will be ready.
Are you tired of the typical vinaigrette sauces ?, Are you looking for variety without leaving the margin
healthy? We have some recommendations that will probably drive you crazy next to the
best selection of Vitta Fresh products.

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