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Seek continuous improvement of our processes remembering that quality and health safety comes first. Make our company a friendly atmosphere of good attitudes and good coexistence. Maintaining an environment that motivates and develops its employees.

Provide food products with the highest quality, safety and legality effectively using GMP. Increase our sales and profits, supporting the well-being and excellence of the team members with recognition. Strengthening a safe work environment and offering constant opportunities for personal development and growth. Be active and responsible participants in the works that benefit our community.


The General Directorate of Phoenix-Foods reaffirms the commitment to ensure and guarantee the safety, quality and safety of the product through the adequate supply of resources, as well as the continuous improvement of the same. For the fulfillment and development of the quality system in the plant, it undertakes to: Provide the financial and human resources necessary for the normal development of the operations. Ensure their communication with the departments responsible for monitoring compliance with the HACCP Plan through annual meetings and extraordinary meetings when the situation warrants.

Ensure that food quality and safety objectives are set and that they are documented, controlled and reviewed. Ensure that there are procedures to identify and address any security and legality issues. Have effective verification and review procedures to take immediate corrective actions and preventive compliance.


Phoenix Foods was founded in 1997 as an export company, focusing our work on the marketing and quality control of perishable vegetables.


Address: Calle Cappa 268 Callao,                      Lima Peru. Telephone: (511) 719 3950 – Office Email:


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